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I have acted as a consultant to the publishing and higher education industries for almost a decade. As one of the initial digital faculty consultants to McGraw-Hill Education, I have been involved in a wide variety of activities, from the effective integration of adaptive learning platforms into the science classroom, to the development of training resources to onboard instructional designers. As a consultant I have helped companies understand how educators and designers view their products and helped them refine their message for the higher education market.



As an educator, I have experience not only in the design of effective learning resources that target specific knowledge gaps, but also in how to onboard individuals into new technologies. Each year I conduct numerous training sessions, seminars, webinars, and workshops on how to integrate digital technologies into the higher education classroom. The attendees at these activities include faculty, administrators, instructional designers in higher education, as well as sales and marketing professionals in the corporate environments.

Curriculum Design


I spent over 20 years as an instructor, and have taught classes in almost every environment. From intensive weekend courses at military bases to large lecture science classes to online courses in human genetics, I have spent the majority of my career designing educational programs in the higher education market.

My experience is not limited to the higher education market, however. I have also designed online training programs to familiarize instructional designers in the development of learning resources for integration into adaptive learning platforms. I have also acted as a consultant in the design of an online program to train faculty in how to serve as digital faculty consultants.

Conference Presentations


As a scientist, I have spent a considerable portion of my career in front of a room presenting scientific and technical information. As an educator, I specialize in the development of presentations that minimizes technical jargon and maximizes audience involvement.

I have presented a conferences such as diverse as Educause, the Tegrity User Conference (keynote),the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society,and the Texas Community College Teacher’s Association, to name a few (for a full list – click here)

Science Communication


As a science educator, my passion is in communicating complex scientific concepts and ideas to a non-scientific audience. I am the managing author for the largest non-majors biology series of texts in the country, as well as the founder and editor of the Ricochet Science website – a free resource for science educators.

My experience in science communication is not limited to printed texts. I have served as the producer and instructional designer for a wide array of multimedia projects for McGraw-Hill Education, as well as acting as the subject matter expert for the media content on our Ricochet Science YouTube channel.  I specialize in the development of multimedia learning resources for the online learning environment.


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