Microlearning and LearningInteractives.com

Our latest project at Ricochet Creative Productions has been to branch out into the field of microlearning.  While the term microlearning is relatively new, in reality we have been practicing it at Ricochet for almost a decade, ever since we began making short animations and videos to support distance learning programs in higher education and corporate training.learning interactives logo 400x400

We are calling this venture Learning Interactives – and the reason reflects not only who we are, but our philosophy about developing learning resources. As educators, we have a passion for learning. Everyone at Learning Interactives has considerable experience in the field of learning science. Some of us have published papers, others have built resources, and still others are involved with the assessment of the user interface (UI) with educational resources. We love to explore the boundaries of learning and education.

And Interactives indicates our approach. For too long education has been a one-way process, with videos and lectures designed to present information to an audience with the hope that they will assimilate some of this information. But at Learning Interactives we are using programs such as Captivate and Articulate to build interactives –  presentations and training resources that require engagement by the learner.

I will be adding some posts in the near future about the story as to why I have ventured into microlearning, and how I think this this form of learning may actually be the force for a significant change in education.  For now, if you are interested in what we are doing, check out our portfolio of previous projects – and if can help you with your current project, let us know.