Virtual Event: Getting Inside the Minds of Students

Thanks to everyone who attended the McGraw-Hill Virtual Event: Digital Tools in the Modern Classroom and my talk “How Data Lets Us Get Inside the Minds of Students”. As a I promised during the event, here is some additional information, background information, and links:


Students don’t know what they don’t know. This has implications across the entire learning ecosystem. From the classroom to the content developers, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to development of resources that anticipate the needs of the learner. Adaptive learning technologies are now providing the data that allows us to understand specific knowledge deficiencies. We will explore how data enhances the personalization of the remediation process, assists in the revision of content, and allows for the development of specific microlearning resources that target the actual needs of the learner.

Background Information:

Smartbook and Connect in the Non-Majors Classroom:

Connect and LearnSmart in the NonMajors Biology Classroom from Learning Interactives on Vimeo.

Data and The Textbook Revision Process:

Getting Inside the Minds of Students: DevLearn 2015 HyperDrive Finalist from Learning Interactives on Vimeo.

The Topic Based Science Course:

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