Author: Michael Windelspecht

Michael is the lead author of the Mader/Windelspecht series of non-majors biology textbooks and a lead consultant to higher education publishers on the effective use of ed tech in the classroom. He founded Ricochet Creative Productions LLC and is the editor of Ricochet Science, a free web resource for science educators.

Using Adaptive Learning Data to Flip a Class

Students don’t know what they don’t know. This one simple fact has often hindered the development of flipped and active learning classrooms. However, the development of adaptive learning platforms, such …

Twitter in the Online Classroom

Communicating with your online students can be challenging. While most course management systems (CMSs or LMSs) have discussion boards and email capability, the reality is that somehow as an instructor …

Using Student Data to Revise the Textbook

How can you involve students in a textbook revision when they don’t know what they don’t know? By utilizing data from an adaptive learning platform. The process is called heat …


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